because drift matters

We recently released the first versions of driftctl, a new open-source project for infrastructure developers, DevOps, SRE, and cloud practitioners, with the goal of helping manage all kinds of drifts.

Why? Because infrastructure is a living thing and changes are risky.

How a simple manual change in an AWS Security Group using the AWS Web Console can have bitter security consequences

Allowing PgSQL (with Terraform)

// Secure the PgSQL RDS cluster using a dedicated SG
resource "aws_security_group" "pgsql" {
name = "PgSQL Security Group"
description = "PgSQL Security Group"

How minimizing our attack surface with CircleCI Contexts helped us pass the Codecov bash uploader security issue unharmed

What is Codecov

What about the breach?

Here’s why we bring a new open source DevOps tool

Why we launched this DevOps tool in the first place

…You can’t catch ’em all

Fosdem talk about infrastructure drift
Fosdem talk about infrastructure drift
This blog post is a written transcript of the FOSDEM Talk: “Infrastructure drifts aren’t like Pokemon, you can’t catch ’em all”, by Stephane Jourdan — CTO and founder
  1. Infrastructure as Code: all the good intentions and the ideal world each of us expected when we started using it, and how it’s actually going in everyday’s Ops life. We will see that how it started is probably different from how it is going and from what we expected.
  2. We will then “drift” together, using Terraform and AWS and share some war stories that we heard from infrastructure teams, and how things sometimes went really wrong for them.
  3. We will finally present driftctl, our open source answer to infrastructure drift problems.

Infrastructure drift: definition


How do you start managing several Terraform environments?

source: Hashicorp

Manage multiple Terraform environments​ : getting started with TF Files

How to type Terraform variables? Declaring strings, lists, booleans, and objects within your Infrastructure code is possible and will save you from many mistakes. Here’s our take on how to deal with it.

This article is a transcript from a video interview series: Ask Me Anything on Infrastructure as Code with the Author of “Infrastructure as Code — Cookbook”

How to type variables in Terraform?

Key Steps to a good quality for your Infrastructure Code.

This article is a transcript from a talk held at the London Cloud Native Computing Foundation Meetup.

Terraform code quality starts by the basics with Terraform Validate


Protecting codified infrastructures

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