Announcing Driftctl

because drift matters

We recently released the first versions of driftctl, a new open-source project for infrastructure developers, DevOps, SRE, and cloud practitioners, with the goal of helping manage all kinds of drifts.

Why? Because infrastructure is a living thing and changes are risky.

Keeping infrastructures secure & in sync with code.

Driftctl — a new open-source project to help you monitor IaC changes.

Getting Started

$ export AWS_PROFILE=”my-aws-profile” 
$ export AWS_REGION=”us-east-1”
$ driftctl scan
Scanning AWS on region: us-east-1
Found unmanaged resources:
Found 18 resource(s)
- 22% coverage
- 4 covered by IaC
- 14 not covered by IaC
- 0 deleted on cloud provider
- 0/4 drifted from IaC
$ driftctl scan --from tfstate+s3://acmecorp/states/terraform.tfstate
$ driftctl scan --filter "Attr.Tags.Environment == 'Production'"

Protecting codified infrastructures

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