This post being the first one of a longer series, we’re just starting by a short introduction. So, here’s what we do and why we do it…

Microservices, containers and orchestration systems changed the way we build and run apps.

Multi-cloud strategies now add to this massive transformation, opening a path towards additional benefits such as matching the right cloud with the right requirements, avoiding vendor lock-in or improving geo-presence.

Yet, building and maintaining multi-cloud environments based on Kubernetes and Serverless is time consuming and challenging. A solid Infrastructure-as-Code is your 1st step towards leveraging the benefits of Cloud Native architectures.

Cloudskiff is the first Infra-as-Code industrialization platform for Kubernetes built for the multi-cloud age

Simplifying the process of delivering secure cloud infrastructures, we provide DevOps with a collaborative tool that improves the end to end process of deploying cloud native applications on multiple clouds.

CloudSkiff manages the lifecycle of your infrastructure stack with clean Terraform code, so that you can focus on building and running your apps!

The main features of the solution include :

  • A collaborative platform with company specific registries and templates and role-based access management,
  • A Terraform assistant generator for new environments,
  • A reverse Terraform Converter to turn existing “point & click” environments into clean Terraform code,
  • A migration assistant to move and duplicate environments across public clouds depending on your business needs,
  • And monitoring functions.

We currently support managed versions of Kubernetes on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (EKS / AKS / GKE)

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Protecting codified infrastructures

Protecting codified infrastructures